4 Features Ideal For Manual Garage Door Installations

When choosing a new garage door installation for your home, there are a lot of options to select from. Your options drastically change if you are installing a manual garage door that doesn't come with an opener. Manual doors are great for saving electricity or for detached garages with no electrical hook-ups. The doors you select for these garages will have different features than a power-operated garage door. The following four features are important for manual doors and will help you make the best decision for your final installation. When working with professionals to replace your garage door, it will be easy to request these specific features.

Pinch Resistant Panels

Opening the garage by hand each day poses a risk when your fingers get close to the panels. As the garage door gets pulled down, the gaps between the handles and close in on your fingers and cause pain. One solution to that is purchasing a garage door with pinch resistant panels. The panels are cut to push away objects as they close shut, preventing your fingers from getting trapped inside. The safety feature is a small touch, but can go a long way in preventing injuries.

Lightweight Garage Door Design

Using a manual garage door each day should not be a struggle or some sort of feat of strength. Instead, you can have a lightweight garage door installed on your home. Choosing a lighter weight will make it easier to lift and can help you lift the door faster. There are two lightweight options for your garage door replacement. If you're looking for a durable metal, then consider an aluminum garage door. Aluminum is a lot lighter than steel and can offer nearly the same strength and protection. An aluminum garage door can be finished to look like wood or a be painted a number of different colors.

Plastic is another option for lighter weights. It's durable, easy to lift, and will last for numerous years. Plastic garage doors can also be purchased in a number of finishes to replicate all types of garage door designs like wood paneling or metal.

Handle Hardware

Getting a good grip on a manual garage door is important for lifting and maintaining control of the door. This is why there should be multiple positions where handle hardware is installed on the garage. A center handle is great for the initial lift of the door, but once it gets up too high, it may be harder to grip and push. This is why a bottom handle hardware installation can help you grip the door and give it a final push. A handle installed on the bottom of the door also makes it easy to pull the door downwards and maintain control without letting the door come crashing onto the ground.

Handles can be purchased in a number of finishes to help match the door design. For example, if you have a rustic look to your garage, you can purchase handles that feature a curved design and rustic black metal finish on them.

Garage Door Rollers

The rollers on a garage are the small wheels that guide the door up and into the steel frame. Choosing the right type of roller will make the door opening smooth and seamless. One of the best options for a manual garage door is a nylon wheel. These wheels are similar in shape and design to a skateboard wheel. They have ball bearings built inside of them, making it easy to roll up smoothly. The texture of nylon also makes the garage door a lot quieter as it rolls up and locks into place. This type of roller can be used with most garage doors and will make a big difference on your daily lifting and maneuvering of the door.

By installing one or more of these features, you can have a garage door that appeals to your needs and has no hassles through your daily use.