5 Home Features That Help Guide Garage Door Selection

If you are looking to purchase a new garage door, you may be overwhelmed by the number of choices you have to make. You will have to decide on color, finish, material, hardware, windows, and overall design. It is easy to get distracted by doors that you like the appearance of online and end up choosing a door that does not look great next to your home. Here are five of your home features that you should consider when choosing a garage door. 

Window Design

The design of your windows can contribute greatly to which garage door you select. If you are selecting a door with windows, the windows should match the style of the windows that are currently on your home. Windows feature many different shapes and groupings. While you do not need to replicate your home windows on your garage door, they should feature similar arches or angles. 

Trim Color

People select the color of their garage door based on many different things. It is common to try to match your garage door to the color of your front door. Unfortunately, because the garage door is much bigger than an entrance door, using the same color can overwhelm the front of your home and make it look imbalanced. Alternatively, people try to match their garage door to the color of their exterior walls, which can make it fade away and look like an afterthought. 

Your best option is to match your garage door to the trim color of your home. This is the color of your window frames and fascia. Unless you have selected an extremely vibrant color for your trim, this will make your garage door blend into your home without disappearing completely. It will also ensure that your garage door is tied into the overall design of your home. 


The basic architecture of your home will help guide your garage door selection. If you have an older home with a Victorian or Colonial design, then you will want to stay true to the period. A wood door, or a door finished to look like wood, will match your home's style. Additionally, you may want to feature your hardware more prominently and consider doors that create the appearance of a coach house or stable. 

Alternatively, if you have a ranch home, you will want more of a clean, understated door with horizontal features that showcase the width of your garage. 

If you have a modern home, you have a bit more freedom in your door choice and you can consider interesting patterns and ribs as well as modern materials. 


The material of your home will also influence your garage door. Modern aluminum and steel doors can be virtually maintenance free but they can look out of place if you have a wood finish on your home. If you have vinyl siding on your home, you may want to consider a vinyl-coated door as well, to help bring coherency to your overall look. If you have exposed brick featured on your home or garage, you may want to consider wood doors that will give the building a more rustic appearance. 


The location of your home can also help you determine what door is best for you. It is common to select a door that fits in with the doors on the neighboring houses. Selecting a material, color, or design that stands out too much can hurt your resale value and could even be against your neighborhood bylaws. 

Additionally, the weather where you live can affect your choice. For example, if you live in a humid or salty environment, you may want a rust-free door such as aluminum