How To Fix An Automatic Garage Door That Sticks Halfway

If you have an automatic garage door, you need it to work efficiently. Even with proper upkeep, a garage door can get stuck halfway, which causes an inconvenience and a security risk.

A number of issues can be the cause of the door sticking halfway, but it isn't always necessary to call a professional. Follow these troubleshooting tips to find out why your garage door sticks halfway.

Prepare to Fix the Garage Door Sticking Halfway

To troubleshoot the garage door sticking halfway, gather:

  • step-ladder
  • rags
  • screwdriver
  • hammer
  • locking pliers
  • lubricant
  • wood block

Determine if the issue is with the door or the opener. Release the opener from the door by pulling the red cord on the trolley, then attempt to raise and lower by hand. If the door moves, the issue is with the opener.

Inspect the Tracks and Photo Eye

Debris in the garage door tracks and on the wheels can stall the door. Raise the door as far as it will go, and use a damp rag to clean tracks, and lubricate the wheels. 

Check the track for warps, and gently tap the track back into shape with a hammer. Ensure nothing blocks the tracks, such as a cable, loose nuts or hinges.  

Examine the photo eyes for dirt and obstructions in the path of the eyes, which may block signals. One or both eyes may have gotten knocked out of alignment. To fix the alignment, loosen the fastener, and rotate the light by hand until it works, then tighten the hardware.

Check Rails, Pulleys, and Springs

Check the rail for damage or obstructions. Sometimes, rails can get bent or obstructed by dirt and objects blowing in the door. Clean the rail, and straighten bent rails with pliers.

If springs and pulleys seem stuck, lubricate them. If lubrication doesn't work, disconnect the door form the opener to operate it manually, and contact a professional repair service, since repairing these parts can be dangerous. 

Adjust the Limit Switch

Weather changes often cause the rail to expand or contract forcing the opener to work harder. If the issue is with the opener, or the door sticks during weather changes, place a step-ladder under the opener, and look for the limit switch. 

The limit switch is commonly located on the rear of the bulb cover or the rear of the opener. Look for two adjustment screws marked "Up" and "Down", and use the screwdriver to rotate the "Down" screw until the door opens.  

Turn in small increments so the door won't fall down too hard. Set a small block in the photo eye path to test the repair, and adjust again as needed, but wait fifteen minutes between adjustments to avoid burning the motor. To learn more, contact a company like Affordable Garage Door Repairs