4 Things That Could Be Causing Your Garage Door To Sag

Your garage door is an important element of your home, and the last thing you expect to see is your door sagging. Besides being unsightly, a sag on your garage door can interfere with its proper operation. Several things could cause the sagging of your garage door, and that may necessitate the assistance of a garage door repair technician. Here are a few concerns worth mentioning.

1. You need to install a strut on your door

If you have recently installed your garage door and it's starting to sag, you should consider installing a strut. This is necessary because it helps support the weight of your garage door, ensuring that it remains straight as it closes or opens. If your garage door has a strut installed and you still notice a bend, consider adding another for additional support. To do this, seek the assistance of a garage door repair services provider.

2. Your door arm isn't properly installed

Your garage door arm helps to connect your door and the opener. The arm of your door is properly aligned if it lies diagonally against your door when it is closed. If your door arm isn't angled correctly, your door will sag, and this can lead to serious damage. When you have a sagging door because of an improperly installed door arm, stop using the door and seek the help of a garage door repair technician.

3. You have a misaligned garage door track

You could likely have misaligned tracks if you notice that your garage door is sagging on one side. If you continue operating your door with this problem, it may fail to open at some point. In some cases, you can straighten the tracks using a pair of pliers or rubber mallet. However, you should seek the help of a garage door repair expert as this helps to avoid extensive damage to the tracks that may require you to replace your door.

4. You may have a faulty garage door opener

It's possible for your garage door to sag if you have a faulty or old garage door. This may happen if your door is too heavy. If you're skilled enough, adjusting your garage door opener setting can resolve your problem. However, such cases are mostly attributed to faulty garage door openers, and only a skilled garage door repair expert should perform the replacement.

When you notice any of the problems mentioned above, it's advisable to seek garage door repair services. Your technician will have the necessary expertise to ensure that your repairs are done efficiently. Contact a garage door repair service to learn more.