Garage Door Repair: 3 Steps To Take After Backing Into Your Garage Door

Sometimes you may be in a hurry to leave your house that you backup your car before the garage door is completely open and hit it. When this happens, it is important to understand the steps to avoid further issues and minimize the impact. Instead of sitting there wondering if you should handle the damage or call garage door repair services, here are a few things you can do.

1. Safety Comes First

The first thing you should do is ensure that you and any other passengers in the car are okay. While you may think that hitting a garage door is a minor accident, it can sometimes cause serious injuries. However, don't rush to check the door that you forget to put the car in park mode before opening your door. Otherwise, your vehicle may start moving, leading to further damage and injuries. Therefore, it is crucial to remain calm, park the car, turn it off, and then you can hop out to analyze the damage.

2. How Serious Is the Damage?

After ensuring that you and your loved ones are not injured, the next step is to analyze your car and garage door damage. You might be tempted to manually push the garage door open to drive your vehicle out if you were trying to leave. However, that can be risky depending on how serious your garage door is damaged. Therefore, take the time to analyze it and note any issues that could put you at risk. This information will help your garage door repair professional estimate the repairs and tools or equipment needed for the task. However, avoid touching any critical mechanisms or parts like springs since they may shift and expose you to serious accidents while inspecting the door.

3. Expert Repairs Are Necessary

It is important to call the garage door repair experts even when it seems like there is no serious damage to your door. Sometimes, you may notice issues that may seem simple to fix and choose to handle the repairs yourself. However, there might be other hidden damage to your door that you may not notice without expert skills. For instance, the tracks may look like they need a simple adjustment to get back to their proper alignment.

However, you can cause problems if you don't have relevant skills and the right tools, posing serious safety risks to you and the people living in your house. Therefore, call the repair experts to ensure your door functionality is restored, and your loved ones remain safe.

These are a few things you should do when you accidentally hit your garage door. Working with a garage door repair professional will ease your burden and ensure your door functions as expected. The professionals also provide timely services since they understand how inconvenient it is to have a malfunctioning garage door.