The Pros And Cons Of Sectional Garage Door Installation

Besides the front door, a garage door is the door that likely gets the most use in any home. It's also typically the largest door. It makes sense that you would want to choose the very best option that's the most secure and the easiest to use. There are many types of garage door styles available. One of the most popular is the sectional door. Here are a few of the pros and cons of this style door that you should consider.


Energy Efficiency

One useful benefit of sectional garage doors is that each panel is protected with a rubber seal as well as the perimeter of the door. This provides additional energy efficiency, especially when compared to single-panel doors. When coupled with additional insulation, a sectional door is one of the more energy-efficient options. Ask your garage door installer about adding additional insulation to your section door if energy efficiency is important to you.


Another major benefit of a sectional door is security. Because the panels of the door are fully sealed and the material is often bulkier and more durable than single panel or tilt-up style doors, there is the benefit of added security. Because there is no weak point of entry and all panels are sealed, it's much less likely to be breached than some styles of garage doors.

Compact Spaces

Another advantage of sectional garage doors is that they can be installed in more compact spaces than other options like tilt-up doors. Because the panels are hinged and run along a track until they are parallel with the garage roof, they can be installed in close spaces, and they allow for more parking space outside of the door.



Sectional doors have more moving parts and seals than single panel doors, and that can require more maintenance over the life of the door. That's something to consider if you're trying to opt for the lowest maintenance option.

Professional Installation Recommended

If you aren't experienced with the installation of sectional garage doors, the process is best left to a professional garage door installer. Because there are more moving parts, tracks, and seals to deal with than most single panel doors, the job can become easily overwhelming and you can quickly run into problems. However, once the door is installed by an experienced professional, you're unlikely to run into any problems in the future.

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