4 Signs Of A Faulty Garage Door Spring

Have a broken garage door spring? The spring is located right at the top of the door, facing the inside. Cables tighten around the spring, creating tension that allows the door to move up and down. 

If you suspect your spring is broken, be wary of trying to lift the garage door manually – you could risk hurting yourself or having your car crushed as you pass under the door. 

Garage doors most commonly use extension springs, but in some instances, torsion springs will be installed instead. Here are some of the signs you need to look out for that are affected by which type of spring your garage door uses. 

1. Gaps 

You likely have a torsion spring that will need to be fixed if there are gaps between the garage door and the floor, or if the door is barely opening and seems weighed down.

2. Oval Springs

Extension springs that are faulty will usually show signs of asymmetry, both in the garage door and in the spring itself.

If you see a spring that has an oval shape, then your garage likely has extension springs that are in need of repair. 

Similarly, just visually scanning for signs of the garage door being imbalanced can provide a quick indicator that the springs need to be checked out.

3. Screeching Sounds

Regardless of the type of spring, any abnormal, grating sounds are a sign that you need to stop opening the door immediately. There may be rust, an obstruction, or damage that needs to be examined. 

These are early warning signs that your springs could break at any time, which will usually result in a loud banging sound, and are followed by springs that are clearly sagging down. 

4. Twitchy Movements

If you notice shaking or lurching forward of the door, there is likely some sort of spring issue. Movements should always be smooth and steady as the door ascends or descends. 

This is usually an issue with the horizontal track, which needs to be clean and undamaged in order for your spring to work properly. 

Garage door problems can be difficult to diagnose, and in some cases, your garage door may be just fine, it could actually be an electrical issue. 

If you think you have a spring malfunction and would like to have it repaired, or if you want to learn more about the different types of springs available, get in touch with a professional service today such as JTM Garage Door Service LLC.