Three Causes For Grinding Noises From A Garage Door Opener

Grinding noises from your garage door opening system can seem alarming, and while they don't usually indicate any sign of danger, it can mean that some part of your system is near failure or needs immediate attention. The sound can be caused by a variety of parts, each with their own requirements for maintenance and repair. Misaligned Tracks In some cases, the problem won't be with your actual garage door opener, but with the tracks along which the door moves. Read More 

Benefits of Choosing Overhead Doors Vs. Sliding Barn Doors for Your Horse Stable

If you are in the process of building or remodeling your horse stable, one thing that you could be wondering about is the best type of doors to install on your barn. Even though you could be thinking about installing traditional sliding barn doors, you might find that installing overhead garage-style doors is a better option. These are a few reasons why this can be a better choice. Enjoy the Benefits of a Remote Control Read More 

How To Fix An Automatic Garage Door That Sticks Halfway

If you have an automatic garage door, you need it to work efficiently. Even with proper upkeep, a garage door can get stuck halfway, which causes an inconvenience and a security risk. A number of issues can be the cause of the door sticking halfway, but it isn't always necessary to call a professional. Follow these troubleshooting tips to find out why your garage door sticks halfway. Prepare to Fix the Garage Door Sticking Halfway Read More 

Gel Stain To Color Coordinate The Garage Door With Your Home

Your garage door can add quite a bit to the look of your home, or it could take it away. If the color of your garage door doesn't quite match the rest of your home, you can change the color of it. A little bit of gel stain can transform the color of your metal, fiberglass, or wood garage door. Here's how you can use gel to change the color of your garage door. Read More