inspecting garage doors for safety issues

Convert Your Garage To A Living Area And Leave The Garage Doors Intact

Turning your garage into an additional living space is typically cheaper than adding an extension to your home, and many people who do this type of conversion leave their garage doors in place. They like the industrial vibe it lends to the project as well as the potential for opening up their space to the outside. If you decide to leave your garage doors intact when you convert your garage to a living space, there are a few tips you should keep in mind. Read More 

How To Reduce Garage Door Vibration Issues

If you have an automatic garage door that seems to vibrate quite a bit as it moves up and down, then the door requires some maintenance. While the movements may indicate a motor or spring issue, they may be caused by a much simpler problem. Keep reading to learn about some possible causes of the vibrations and learn how you can stop them from occurring. Dry Roller Bearings Most garage doors move seamlessly up and down with the help of rollers that sit within a metal track. Read More 

Troubleshooting A Broken Garage Door Cable

There are plenty of reasons that you might find that your garage door is not working. Perhaps the remote is broken, perhaps some sort of electronic device is not working properly inside of your electric garage door opener, or perhaps the garage door has slid off of the rails that allow it to adequately open and shut. However, one of the things people tend to forget about when it comes to their garage door not opening or closing properly is the fact that the problem could have something to do with a broken garage door cable. Read More